The inspiration which led to the founding of the Western Nigeria Lodge came jointly to the Hon. Mr. Justice Samuel Quashie-Idun, Kt., P.D.G.W. (Ghana), and F. G. Challen, O.B.E. Master of Ibadan Lodge No. 5316 in 1961.

At that time there were two Lodges in Ibadan under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. Ibadan Lodge No. 5316 founded in 1931, the members of which were nearly all Europeans; and Eureka Lodge No. 6222 founded in 1946, the members of which were nearly all Africans.

After some months of thought and discussion during which time other Masons came forward as prospective Founders, the proposal to form a third Lodge in Ibadan began to take definite shape. The prime object of the Founders was to create a “mixed Lodge” where Brethren of all Races and Creeds would work together in confidence and harmony. The Founders received enthusiastic support and encouragement from the District Grand Master.

An extract from the Minutes of a Founders’ Meeting held in Ibadan in December 1960 records the objects of the Founders thus:
“To create a mixed Lodge in Ibadan so that, despite general divergences of outlook, brethren of different Races can work constructively together for the objects common to all. To promote more confidence between us and to produce a healthy unifying influence is surely our supreme Masonic mission. Patience and flexibility unanimously applied will allow us to lay the foundation of this, the Western Nigeria Lodge.”

The Founders had in mind exactly the same objects as the Founders of Fraternity Lodge No. 7477 formed in Ebute Metta in 1956. The preamble to the By-laws is almost an exact copy (by mutual consent) of that for Fraternity Lodge on which it is based.

There were sixteen founding members comprising of seven whites and nine blacks as follows; The Hon Justice Samuel Quashie-Idun Kt. PDGW (Ghana); G.F. Challen OBE PDGSwdB; M.A. Kuku PDJGW, PZ; Gresty PDG.Stwd; A.H. Embray. PDGStd.B; H. Body Lawson PGD.Std.B; Martins PDG.Chap, PZ; Hon Mr. Justice Adeyinka Morgan MFR.PDSGD, PZ; Chief J.O. Laniyonu MBE, PDSGW, PZ; L.T.T. Sullivan; M. Adekunle George JP, PDJGW; J.O. Sobande JP, MON, MBE, PDSGW, PZ; Olaseni Fisher PDSGW, PZ; N. Yacoob; E.B. Craig and frank Donn-Abbott MBE, PDStdB, PDJGW, PZ.

Out of the sixteen founding members, ten were Past Masters of the Lodge while the remaining six were Past Masters in the Lodge. However, The Hon. Justice Samuel Quashie-Idun Kt (Ghana) was the Charter Master of the Lodge. The first Master of the Western Nigeria Lodge No. 7806 was the Hon. Mr, Justice Samuel Quashie Idun, Kt., P.D.G.W. (Ghana). The first Senior Warden was F. Stones M.V.O. and the first Junior Warden was Chief S. Ade. Ojo, C.M.G., O.B.E, while F. J. T. Gurner D.A.G.D.C. was appointed as I.P.M. for the first year. The Banquet following the Consecration of the Lodge was held by kind permission of the Nigerian Tobacco Company Ltd., in the Canteen of the Ibadan factory.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Western Nigeria Lodge meets on the first Saturday of odd months.
Installation in March.
Time: 12 noon.


Masonic Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State.


Mail: P.O. Box 302 Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Email: westernnigeria.lodge7806@dglnec.org