The Lodge was consecrated on Saturday 17th September, 2016 at Crystal Hall, Chelsea Hotel, CBD Abuja.

Keystone Centenary Lodge is one of the three Lodges Consecrated in commemoration of 100 years of the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria.

Since Abuja the capital city of Nigeria has in recent times become the hub for Masonic activities in the Northern region, it was not surprising that the RW The District Grand Master thought it best place to site one of the Centenary Lodges there.

The Lodge drew many of its founding members from brothers who were resident (some still are) abroad and were affiliated to Lodges in those countries, who didn’t have any Lodge they belonged to here in Nigeria . Many of them are accustomed to ritual workings other than the familiar Emulation that is widely practiced in Nigeria. They hope to bring some of their experience and flavor from their various Lodges to make Keystone Centenary a truly unique Lodge.

The badge of the Lodge is the builder’s Keystone placed at the center of an Arch. On the keystone is embellished the Square and Compass which are familiar working tools and emblems of the Mason.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Last Wednesday in the month of February, May, August and November. Installation in November.


Hotel De Bently Utako District, Abuja Federal Capital Territory.