ANIOMA LODGE - NO. 9895 (2015)

The Lodge was consecrated on Saturday, 17th January, 2015 at Lodge Oshimili Masonic Hall, Anwai Road, Asaba.

Anioma literally means the good land. It also means the verdant earth, the fertile soil and the food basket of both Igboland and the people around the ancient Benin Kingdom. Historically, it has been a melting pot of peoples who travelled from the Northern part of Nigeria mainly the Igala people , princes from the ancient Benin kingdom from the West, Ijaw fishermen from the South and majorly, Igbo people seeking fertile soil to expand their agricultural ambitions from the East of the Niger. Anioma became an intermingling of peoples, religions, cultures and languages.

The natural product of this mix is a group of light minded, fun loving and hard working people who accommodate visitors and make strangers feel at home.

Anioma played a very important role in the oil palm trade and contributed immensely to the spread of Christianity in Nigeria.

Founding an English Lodge in this part of Nigeria is important when you put in perspective the contribution of the British in the growth of the Oil Palm Trade and the spread of Christianity in the lower Nigeria. A clear evidence of this is the evergreen monument in memory of the Lander Brothers in Asaba – the Delta State capital.

Located at a centre pin connecting people of the country from four cardinal points and building a culture of conviviality and love among indigenes and visitors give the location of this Lodge in formation a Masonic feel already. Many of us forming this Lodge come also from diverse professional and personal backgrounds but are united by a warm desire to grow English Masonry in this important part of our country.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Last Saturday of January, March, May, July, September and November. Installation meeting in January.
Time: 4pm


Meets at Lodge Oshimili Masonic Hall, Anwai Road, Asaba Delta State.