The lodge of Excellence was founded on 11th May, 2005 and consecrated on 18th March, 2006.
The idea of its formation came from the present District Grand Master for Nigeria, Olorogun Moses O. Taiga, who desired a lodge that is a model and reference point for excellence in its character, conduct, workings and in the discharge of Masonic duties of very high standards in the Lagos area in particular, and in the District of Nigeria in general. This idea was sold to the then District Grand Master for Nigeria, Prince Adediji Adedoyin who bought it, and set in motion with passion its formation and consecration. There were 13 founding members of the Lodge, and Prince Adediji Adedoyin became the first Worshipful Master, Olorogun Moses Taiga was the first Senior Warden, and Edward Akin Leigh, the first Junior Warden. The lodge has since grown in numbers.

The badge of the Lodge is an emblematic depiction of four important symbols in Freemasonry: the square, pair of compasses, an eagle and a double circle. The square is shown inverted within the inner circle in combination with a pair of compasses, whose points are exposed and extended on the segment of the inner circle. The eagle is depicted with its wings extended as if rising in the air in full flight, emerging out of the “space” created by the combination of the square and compasses, going from the West to the East “in search…”, inscribed at the bottom, between the inner and outer circle is the motto and the guiding principle of the Lodge: SEEK, FIND, AND EXCEL. The name, number and domiciled location of the Lodge appear on a scroll which is attached to the lower end of the outer circle to complete the badge.

The Symbols depicted in the Lodge badge pictorially represent the objective of the Founders: to erect a Lodge that will be a model and a reference point for excellence in its character, conduct, workings and in the discharge of Masonic duties of very high standards in the Lagos area, in particular and, in the District of Nigeria, in general. Taken together, the symbols are to serve as a constant reminder of a Mason’s duty to the Craft, to his brethren, to his community, and to himself; duties which must be performed excellently well with zeal and ability at all times.

Thus, the Square, being a symbol of morality, is to inculcate in the brethren of the Lodge the lessons of morality, of truthfulness, of honesty in all their duties and conduct both inside and outside of the Lodge. The pair of compasses with its points exposed and extended is symbolic of the “required circumscribed passions for right conduct, that true standard of rectitude” which alone can assure purity of character and happiness. In the combination of the square and compasses as depicted in the Lodge badge, we are reminded to “square our actions and keep them within bounds”. The square and compasses collectively represent a moral compass to guide our conduct and relationship throughout life.

The Eagle in flight is a symbol of strength, agility, courage, beauty and majesty. These are characteristics desired by the Founders for this Lodge. It is the hope that like the eagle, the Lodge will grow in strength, rapidly and with agility and in majesty: that it will always be a thing of beauty to behold in its workings and in the character of its members. And again, like the eagle known for its great age and care of its young, it is the hope of the Founders that the Lodge will be blessed with longevity and will nurture its young members in Masonic ways and virtues to become great men and great Masons from generation to generation. The direction of the flight of the eagle, from West to East is a reminder of the emphatic duty of every Master Mason “to seek for that which was lost…, which we hope to find”, in order to more completely appreciate its excellence”, undertaking the search under the guidance and direction of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Hence the Motto of the Lodge which reflects the guiding principle which every member of the Lodge is duty bound to observe: SEEK for the moral truth at all times, to be the best in character and conduct to FIND (discover) “that which was lost” in himself and in living in this part of God’s great creation; and to strive to EXCEL in his quest for truth and happiness.

The inner circle represents the universality of Freemasonry. Thus, the Lodge will always welcome free men of good character and report “who are in reputable circumstances” irrespective of their colour, race or religion. The outer circle is an emblematic depiction of eternity, “those immortal mansions where all goodness emanates” and to which every Master Mason should strive to ascend by “square conduct, level steps, and upright intention”.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Third Friday of odd months except May. Installation on Third Friday of January.
Time: 5pm.


Meets at St. George’s Hall


Mail: P.O. Box 227 Marina Lagos.

Email: lodge.excellence9809@dglnec.org