TRAVELLERS LODGE - NO. 3726 (1914)

The Petition to form the Lodge was signed by 17 freemasons, the object being to provide a Lodge in Lagos for the benefit of the large African community who were not natives of Nigeria. At that time there were in Lagos a considerable number of Africans from Sierra Leone and Ghana (formerly Gold Coast), and it was intended that membership should be restricted to such persons, – hence the name, Travellers’. Later, however, this restriction was somehow relaxed and Travellers’ became a mixed lodge.

The petition was sponsored by St. George’s Lodge No. 3065 and Warrant was granted at 21st April, 1914.

Travellers’ Lodge No. 3726 was consecrated on 18th June, 1914 and the ceremony took place at St. George’s Hall, Broad Street Lagos. The Consecrating Officer was R. T. Bentley, D.G.S. The First Master of Travellers’ Lodge was Charles Bright Davies P.D.G. STWD. He hailed from St. John’s Lodge No. 2668. The First Senior Warden was Charles Kaye Bennett who hailed from Gold Coast Lodge No. 773. The First Junior Warden was Ambrose Benka Coker P.D.G.D C.who hailed from Lagos Lodge No. 1171.

The first initiate of the Lodge was William Samuel Zizer, a Sierra Leonean. He was initiated on 15th August, 1914. Years later, Zizer P.D.G.W. had a singular opportunity of being Master of the Lodge for three years i.e. 1925 – 26, 1950 – 51, and 1951 – 52. The first Nigerian initiate after the relaxation of the original policy of restriction (for only non-Nigerians) was William Eni Offiong. He was initiated on 18th March, 1916. Chief Ben A. F. Oluwole P.D.G.J. W. was the first past Master of the Lodge to be accorded Grand Lodge Honour. He was invested P.G. STD. BR. in 1965. In 1980, Joseph Adebayo Alaba Browne P.D.B.G.P. & B., P.D.S.G.W., the “father” of the Lodge was invested as P.J.G.D.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Third Saturday of Even
Months. Installation in June.
Time: 12 noon


St. George’s Hall,
28 Broad Street,


Mail: P.O. Box 227, Marina, Lagos.