During the 1950s it became clear that there was room for a Lodge specially designed for the association of Past Masters. The project re­ceived the enthusiastic support of Ralph E. Wooff, the District Grand Master, and the petitioners included, in addition to the District Grand Master, the Deputy District Grand Master, the Assistant District Grand Master, and sixteen other Past Masters; in all twelve Lodges in the District were represented by Past Masters among the Petitioners.

A Warrant was issued on 3rd December 1958, and in the absence of the District Grand Master the Consecration was carried out on the 9th March, 1959, by Sir Charles Tachie-Mension, C.B.E., District Grand Master, Ghana, after which the First Master, Justice Lionel Brett, was installed by Lt., Col. A. McE. Window, M.C. T.D., P.A.G. Std. Br.

The first Senior Warden of the Lodge was G. F. Dove-Edwin P.A.G.D., A.D.G.M., the first Junior Warden was H. B. Phillips P.D.G.W.

The Lodge meets three times a year at St. George’s Hall, Lagos though it is stated in the preamble to the by-laws that the Petitioners accepted the possibility that if it seemed that support would be forth­coming, the Lodge occasionally would hold a Meeting by Dispensation outside Lagos.
In accordance with the usual convention of Master’s Lodges the Lodge though empowered to initiate, pass and raise candidates, does not in practice do so and the Meetings are devoted to papers, discussions and demonstrations on any subject of Masonic interest, whether histo­rical or ritual or administrative.

The preamble to the by-laws, after drawing attention to the tendency for practices derived from other Constitutions to be unconsciously introduced into Lodges under the English Constitution, concludes “one of the objects of the proposed Nigeria Masters’ Lodge will be to make its members aware of the differences between the practices of the va­rious Constitutions, and to help them to ensure that in their other English Lodges the practices of the English Constitution are followed,” and by an honourable understanding membership is confined to Masters and Past Masters of Lodges under the English Constitution.

The Lodge has continued to function as a Lodge of Research into Masonry generally, delivering lectures and note-worthy Masonic papers at its meetings. Among eminent Masons who have adorned the chair of the Lodge since its consecration in March 1959 were three Past District Grand Masters in the persons of Sir Justice Lionel Brett, P.A. G.Reg., Alan Glyn Davies, P.A.G.D.G., and Joseph Walrond McEwen, P.J.G.D. Other Past District Grand Masters who were members include, R. E. Wooff, N. Sowande and C. Sole.

Dr Chief S. O. Awoliyi, P.D.S.G.W., was installed Master of the Lodge on 21st February 1964. He died on 17th February 1965 a few days before he was due to install his successor. A great number of its members hold Grand Ranks.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

First Monday in March, July and November.
Installation in March.
Time: 6pm.


Meets at St. George’s Hall,
28 Broad Street, Lagos.


Mail: P.O. Box 227, Marina, Lagos.