District Grand Stewards Lodge No.9889 was consecrated on Saturday, 12th July, 2014 at St. George’s Masonic Hall, 28, Broad Street, Lagos.

The badge of the Lodge is an emblematic depiction of five important symbols in Freemasonry: the Square, pair of Compasses, the Globe, double circle and Cornucopia.

The Square is shown inverted within the inner circle in combination with a pair of compasses, whose points are exposed and extended on the segment of the inner circle. The Globe is depicted in between the acute angle formed by the extended pair of compasses as if being guided by the lessons taught to a Mason by the signification of the Compasses. And a bouquet of assorted fruits presumed to have been poured out from a Cornucopia.

Explanation of the Significance and some of the Symbolism of the Lodge Badge

The Symbols depicted in the Lodge badge pictorially represent the objectives of the founders and the intentions of the District: to have a Lodge that will cater for the needs of Nigeria Brethren and all visitors during any of the District’s Communications and Festivals in a very high standard.

Taken together, the symbols are to serve as a perfect constant reminder of the spread of Masonry, the duties the Lodge owes to all Brethren both home and visiting which must be performed excellently well, and the qualifications of members of the Lodge.

In this representation, the Square, being an emblem of morality, is to inculcate in the Brethren of the Lodge the lessons of morality, of truthfulness, of honesty in all duties and conduct inside and outside of the Lodge. The pair of Compasses with its points exposed and extended is symbolic of the required circumscribed passions for right conduct and true standard of rectitude which alone can assure purity of character and happiness.

In the combination of the Square and Compasses as depicted in the Lodge badge, we are reminded to square our actions and keep them within bounds. In this presentation, the Square and Compasses collectively represent a moral compass to guide our conduct and relationship throughout life.

The Bouquet of fruits here depicted is presumed to have been poured out of a Cornucopia.
Cornucopia (meaning: Horn of Plenty) is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with farm produce, flowers and nuts, and is particularly associated with thanksgivings and harvest. It also symbolizes fertility, fortune and abundance.

The Globe and the inner circle represent the universality of Freemasonry. Hence the Lodge will continue to admit into its fold men of good and impeccable character and report. The outside circle is an emblematic depiction of eternity, “those immortal mansions where all goodness emanates” and to which all Masons must strive to ascend by “square conduct, level steps and upright intentions”.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Fourth Friday January, Second Friday July, Installation Second Friday November.
Time: 12 noon


Meets at St. George’s Hall, 28 Broad Street, Lagos.


Mail: P.O. Box 227 Marina, Lagos.

Email: stewards.lodge9889@dglnec.org