NIGERIA CENTENARY LODGE - NO. 9913 (1905 – 2005)

On July 1st, 2005, the Lodge celebrated its 100th Anniversary in the presence of three District Grand Masters; Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone & the Gambia. The Lodge conferred honorary membership on the three District Grand Masters. This historic meeting formed the foundation for a lasting partnership between these three masonic jurisdictions which grows from strength to strength till this present day. Also present at the centenary celebrations were members of St.George’s that had left Nigeria and returned to the United Kingdom as well as various Masonic delegations from the Scottish, Irish and English constitutions. As a token of the Lodge centenary, every St.George’s member proudly wears his centenary jewel, a privilege given to our Lodge by the Grand Master, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent in recognition of the Lodge’s uninterrupted Masonic activities that spanned over a century.


Today, St.George’s Lodge is still very active in the community and within the District:
– Charity: It continues to support various masonic and non-masonic Charities and set impressive records with its fund raising efforts.
– Social Events: The Lodge continues to hold its three main annual events; Olde Englyshe Nite (Christmas Dinner), Ladies Night, and its popular White Table Night.
– Masonic Education:
The Lodge’s Mentor Program has been active since 2007 assisting every member with his Masonic education and overseeing proficiency presentations for each degree. The Lodge continues to award the Greg Izokpu Memorial Mentor Award to deserving Freemasons that have made an effort in furthering their Masonic research and studies.f

The St.George’s Annual Lecture has hosted published Guest-Lecturers from various parts of the world; William (Surrey, U.K.), Kent Henderson (Sydney, Australia), Julian Rees (London, U.K.), Timothy Hogan (Denver, U.S.A.), Scot Ammerman (Denver, U.S.A.), Trevor Stewart (Edinburgh, U.K.)
Various Lodge publications include the centenary booklet, Master’s manifestoes, Lodge website and a Newsletter
The Lodge organized trips to London & Edinburgh (U.K.), Accra (Ghana), Giza Plateau (Egypt).

The Lodge continues to grow with the passing of every Master as he presents a detailed manifesto and is supported by active and dedicated resident Past Masters who continue to support the Lodge and promote Freemasonry in and outside Nigeria. Today, Eight of the fourteen founding petitioners of the first research Lodge (Pythagoras Lodge) in the District of Lebanon, under the Grand Lodge of Scotland, are active members of St. George’s Lodge. The application is pending approval.

Noteable and active resident Past Masters that continue to grow St.George’s Lodge and support the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria are Ifeanyi Ezeukwu, Rabie Jarmakani, Samir Jarmakani, Hope Osueke, Ogbonnaya Agbafo, Ghasan Cheaib, Peter Igbinedion and Jasmer Singh.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Second Saturday of February, May, September and November. Installation in February.

Time: 12 noon.


Meets at St. George’s Hall 28 Broad Street, Lagos.


Mail: P.O. Box 227, Marina, Lagos.