The Lodge was consecrated on Saturday 19th September, 2015 at St. John’s Masonic Temple No.35 Egerton Street, Onitsha. Had an Inaugural Public Lecture on Friday 18th September, 2015, in Honour of Sir Louis Mbanefo. The Charter Master is Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN, OON, ADGM.

The idea of establishing /founding Lodge to honour and immortalize Sir Louis Mbanefo came from the inspiration of the current District Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Olorogun Moses Taiga. The DGM felt that WBro Sir Louis Mbanefo eminently deserve such an honour being the first African and till date the only Nigeria to be honoured with the Order of Service to Masonry (OSM) from the United Grand Lodge of England. The honour came as a result of impeccable quality of moral integrity, associated with Late Sir Louis Mbanefo. The Lodge therefore intends to immortalize Sir Louis Mbanefo by emphasizing those eminent qualities and virtues the man Sir Louis epitomize. The Lodge has as its motto- caution, integrity and concord.

The description of the Lodge badge is as follow:

The badge of the Lodge is an emblematic depiction of five important symbols in Freemasonry namely, the square, pair of compasses, the rising sun, a single eye and a double circle. The square is shown inverted within the inner circle in combination with a pair of compasses, whose points are exposed and extended on the segment of the inner circle. The rising sun with 11 bold rays is on the background behind the square and pair of compasses as if projecting them upwards. In the center of the rising sun is a single eye. All these symbols are within the double circle. Between the inner and outer circle is the motto and the guiding principle of the Lodge: CAUTION. INTEGRITY. CONCORD. The name, number and domiciled location of lodge appear on a scroll which is attached to the lower end of the outer circle to complete the badge.

The symbols depicted in the Lodge badge pictorially represent the mission and objective of the Founders to erect a lodge that will be a model and reference point for excellence in its character, conduct, working and in the discharge of Masonic duties and service of very high standards in the Eastern area, in particular and in the District of Nigeria, in general. Taken together, the symbols are to serve as a constant reminder of a mason’s duty and service to the craft, to his brethren, to his community and to himself; duties which must be performed excellently with zeal, ability, caution and integrity.

All these virtues were ably exhibited by Sir Louis Mbanefo whose name the founders and District Grand Lodge of Nigeria wishes to immortalize by forming the Lodge. Thus, the Square, being a symbol of morality, is to inculcate in the brethren of the Lodge the lessons of morality, of truthfulness, of honesty in all their duties. And conduct both inside and outside of the Lodge. The pair of compasses with its points exposed and extended is symbolic of the “required circumscribed passions for right conduct, that true standard of rectitude“ which alone can assure purity of character and happiness. In the combination of the square and compasses as depicted in the Lodge badge, we are reminded to “ square our actions and keep them within bounds’’.

The square and compasses collectively represent a moral compass to guide our conduct and relationship throughout life. The eleven Rays rising sun, symbolizes the glorious luminary of nature which, rising in the East, dispense wisdom, guidance and strength to those within its circle. It symbolizes the glorious and universal love and care of the Most High to His creatures. It reminds us also about our dawn on earth and that duty we owe and the allegiance due to the sovereign of our native land.

The single eye symbolizes the omnipresence quality of the Most High. This is reminding us that wherever we are and whatever we do; he is with us and observing us with his all seeing eye. Thus, this serves to always remind every member of the lodge to ever apply caution and integrity in all his dealings with others in order to achieve harmony, concord and progress.

The double circle symbolically represents the microscosm of man in the macrocosm of God. Reminding us of that immortal and imperishable principle in man through which we achieve victory over the King of Terrors and leads us to everlasting peace and salvation.

The inner circle represents the universality of Freemasonry. Thus, the Lodge will always welcome free, men of good character and report “who are in reputable circumstances” irrespective of their colour, race or religion. The outer circle is an emblematic depiction of eternity, “those immortal, mansions where all goodness emanates” and to which every Master Mason should strive to ascend by “square conduct, level steps, and upright intentions”.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Last Saturday of February, May, August, and November. Installation in February.
Time: 12 noon.


Meets at St. John’s Masonic Temple at No. 35 Egerton Road, Onitsha.