NIGERIA LODGE - NO. 3773 (1916)

The Petition to form the Lodge was signed by fifteen freemasons. It is of interest to note that three of the Founders- J. A. Pickels, H. J. Hyde-Johnson and G. Munn Gray later became District Grand Masters. A good omen for a Lodge which has the rare privilege of bearing the name of this great Nation!

The objectives for forming the Nigeria Lodge were to provide an alternative to St. George’s No. 3065; and to afford facilities for the general expansion of Freemasonry in Nigeria and largely for the benefit of European brethren in Lagos.

The Petition was sponsored by St. George’s Lodge No. 3065 and the new Lodge was warranted on 20th June, 1916. Nigeria Lodge No. 3773 was consecrated on Monday 27th Novem­ber, 1916, and the ceremony took place at St. George’s Hall, Broad Street, Lagos. The Consecrating Officer was L. S. Noble, D.G. Chaplain. The first Master of Nigeria Lodge was J. A. Pickels. Interestingly, four months later he was invested as D.G.M. The first Senior Warden was A. S. Cooper, and the first Junior Warden was J. M. M. Dunlop.

From the outset, the Lodge made steady if uneventful progress, being supported generally by expatriate membership at fairly senior levels in Government and the professions. Early members of the lodge were mainly top European Civil Servants and business communities in the then Colonial era. It prides itself of having had two reigning District Grand Masters of Nigeria as Worshipful Master including Chief A.A. Adejumo P.D.G.M(SC), a Past Master in the Lodge. The ornaments of the Lodge comprise of some eminent personalities in Nigeria amongst who were:

C.W. Duncan – Inspector General of Police
Capt. Robert Dennis Nunns – Commissioner of Police, Lagos
Major George Norman Faux Powell -Asst. Commissioner of Police, Lagos
Sir F.A Vande Muelen – Judge of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
Arc Bishop L.G. Vinning – Arch Bishop of the Anglican Communion
Francis Willcocks Garvey – Director of Prisons
C.L Cox – Deputy Director of Public Works
Albert Francis Gent Walter – Resident Inspector for Colonial Bank for West Africa
W.C Brian – District Engineer, Nigeria Railway
H.A Harmen – Principal, Kings College.

As a Lodge true to its vision Nigeria Lodge, in the practice of BROTHERLY LOVE, RELIEF and TRUTH, became an attraction to several joining members from different lodges both in Nigeria and overseas such as; St. George’s Lodge No. 3065, Calabar Lodge No. 3434, Lodge Academic No. 1150 (SC), Northern Nigeria Lodge No. 3325, Ebute-Metta Lodge No. 3973, Hampshire Lodge No.3538, Quattuon Coronati Lodge No.2076, Bolingbreke Lodge No.2417, Buenos Aires No.1025, Britannic Lodge Madeira No.3683, Northern Heights Lodge No.4205, Haven of Peace Lodge No.4385, Rokell Lodge No.2798, Lodge of Honour No.379, Haley Fax Lodge No.4135 (SC), Perseverance Lodge No.1165, Coronation Lodge No.2931, Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No.1971, Sir Francis Drake Lodge No.3091, Sekondi Lodge No.3238, Royal Prince of Wales Lodge No.867, St. John’s Kilwinning Kilmarnock No.22, Light of Africa No. 4945 (SC) and Victoria Nyanze Lodge No. 3492.

With the passage of time, changing political and economic scene, the sources of support themselves changed from expatriate to indigene, and the Lodge followed suit. Additionally there began a small but steady influx of candidates from Commerce, with Banks and Insu­rance Houses well to the fore, so that at the present time the Lodge enjoys an enviable mix of expatriates and indigenes, usually from similar or sympathetic backgrounds, and a waiting list of prospective initiates from various walks of life.

The Lodge has of course, had its ups and downs. The most serious problem occurred during the middle to late 70’s when a number of Nigerian members who were in Government service felt it prudent to withdraw from Masonic activities. The Lodge was hard hit and only then began to realize how heavily it relied on members in service. Fortunately, there was by then an active though, small membership from the com­mercial sector. Even so on several occasions during this period it was not possible to hold meetings due to the inability to form a quorum.

In later years the Lodge has been further strengthened by a welcome influx of joining members, often from Districts and Provinces overseas. Indeed, there are subscribing Masons hailing from the District of Pakistan, Zambia and South America, as well as Provinces in France, U.K. and the Sister Constitutions in Nigeria. Amongst these was Past Depute D.G.M. of the Scottish Constitution, Chief A. A. Adejumo.

A real milestone was laid in 1980 with the installation of Dr. Ade B. Agbebiyi, P.D.J.G.D., as the 59th and first Nigerian, Master. To be followed two years later as 61st Master was M.A. Ajomale.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Last Monday of the Month.
Except July, August and
December. Installation in
Time: 6pm


St. George’s Hall,
28 Broad Street,


Mail: P.O. Box 502, Marina, Lagos.