District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Nigeria

Under the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England And Wales
And Its Districts And Lodge Overseas

There is in existence a District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Nigeria which was consecrated on 21st of October, 2011. It has jurisdiction over Mark Masonry and Royal Ark Mariner Masonry in Nigeria and has as its head a District Grand Master.

The Secretariat is situated at Ebute Metta Masonic Hall, 22, Odaliki Street, Ebute Metta.

P.O.Box 22, Ebute Metta
Email: dglmmmm@hotmail.com
Tel: +234 802 344 6498
+234 803 264 1745



The Ancient and Accepted Rites of England and Wales popularly referred to as the ROSE CROIX is one of the independent degrees in Freemasonry. It derives from the rites of perfection, which developed in France a quarter of a Century before September 1762; of the 33 degrees in Freemasonry, besides the first three degrees of the blue lodge or craft freemasonry, the Rose  Croix confers the remainder 4 to 32 degrees to Master Masons who MUST profress the Trinitarian Christian faith as a prerequisite to advancement into a participation in its Rites



The Ancient and Accepted Rites of England and Wales is constituted by the Supreme Council 33°, its Districts and Chapters Overseas. Rose Croix Chapters in various countries aggregate to form the Rose Croix District in that Country, which are in turn administered and governed by the Supreme Council consisting of nine Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, as prescribed for every country by the Grand Constitutions.

The Supreme Council has the responsibility of managing thea affairs and promoting the wellbeing of the Order, including the consecration of new Chapters, and of maintaining fruitful relationships with other Masonic bodies, both nationally and internationally, it is headquartered at 10 Duke Street, St James London.

Each member of the Supreme Council holds the highest degree of the Order (33°), as do some 50 Inspectors General in England and Wales and 20 Districts overseas, to whom authority is delegated to manage their appointed Districts.

The Ancient and Accepted Rites was established in Nigeria in 1921 with the consecration of the first Chapter; Light of Nigeria Chapter in Lagos, the District of Nigeria was thence founded in 1991, it is now comprised of 15 chapter and is superintended by the Very Illustrious Brother Olorogun Moses Oghenerumen Taiga, 33°, as its current Inspector General.



The District Royal Arch Grand Chapter of Nigeria is headed by the Grand Superintendent. There are at present 13 Private Chapters in the District. Each Chapter is attached to a particular Lodge and the chapter number and name correspond with the name and number of the lodge. The Chapters are widely distributed in the country. There are five (5) Chapters within Lagos- which can accommodate conveniently brethren resident in Lagos. There are four Chapters in the East and this can also accommodate brethren resident in the East, South East and South South, while there are two in the North and two (2) in the South West.

The name, location and meeting venue of each Chapter is listed in the table below:


S/No Name Meeting Venue Date
1 Lagos Chapter 1171 St Georges Hall, 28, Broad Street Lagos. 3rd Saturday in May and November: Installation:


2 St. John’s Chapter 2668 St. Georges Hall, 28, Broad Street, Lagos. 3rd Tuesday in April, July and October. Installation: January.
3 St. Georges Chapter 3065 St. Georges Hall, 28, Broad Street, Lagos.  


4 Northern Nigeria Chapter 3325 Bolingo Hotel, Abuja  


5 Travellers Chapter 3726 St. Georges Hall, 28, Broad Street, Lagos. 4Th Saturday in February, August and November. Installation: May
6 St. John’s Chapter 3780 Masonic Hall, 26, Egerton Road, Onitsha 4th Saturday in March, July, and October. Installation: July
7 Port Harcourt Chapter 3881 Masonic Hall, 26, Williams Jumbo Street Port Harcourt. 1st Wednesday in March, May, and October. Installation: December
8 Ebute-Metta Chapter3973 Masonic Hall 22, Odaliki Street. Ebute-Metta, Lagos 3rd Thursday in January, March, May, July, and September. Installation: November.
9 Plateau Nigeria Chapter S229 Masonic Hall, 10, Bank Road, Jos 1st Saturday in February, May, and August. Installation: November
10 Ibadan Chapter 5316 Masonic Hall, Old Barracks Road, Ibadan 2nd Saturday in April, July, and October. Installation: Last Friday in February.
11 Chapter of Fidelity 5779 Masonic Hall, Egenton Road, Enugu. 3rd Saturday in February, May, August and November. Installation: March
12 Abeokuta Chapter 7764 Masonic Hall. 22, Odaliki Street, Ebute-Metta, Lagos.  


13 Benin Chapter 7800 Masonic Hall, Central Avenue GRA, Benin 3rd Saturday in June, September and October. Installation: March