FRATERNITY LODGE - NO. 7477 (1956)

During the year 1955 a Petition to form a second Lodge at Ebute Metta was signed by nineteen Masons; ten Europeans and nine Afri­cans. The Petition was sponsored by Ebute Metta Lodge No. 3973. The main objective of the Founders were: (1) To create a Lodge of a very high standard of working, to serve the interests and needs of earnest men and Masons of whatever Race or Creed who temporarily or permanently-found their home in Lagos. (2) To create a Lodge to perpetuate the memory of the late Sir Adeyemo Alakija K.B.E., D.G.M., and to exist in a principle which he held most sincerely that, “A man’s value and worth depends entirely upon his character and mental endow­ments, and never upon his race, his colour, or the circums­tances of his birth.”

To implement these objective the Founders intended that membership of the Lodge would derive mostly from Africans and Europeans in, as nearly as possible, equal numbers and that the members of the Lodge would willingly submit to the rule of Masters who, in their total numbers would reflect that equal membership. Equal representation should be determined not on the total membership, but on the number of members active and resident in Nigeria in general and Lagos in particular. These were amply reflected by the banner of the Lodge: The chain of double links, alternately black and white, needing no imagination to understand the intentions of the founders; The Hex alpha or Six Pointed Star of ancient Masonic significance (also called the Shield of David and the Seal of Solomon) and used at that time on Nigerian coinage.; The Trees – The Palm of Nigeria and the Oak of England; The light blue background and the Square and Compasses.

The Warrant to form the new Lodge was issued on 25th July, 1956. The Consecration took place at the Masonic Temple, Ebute Metta on 10th November, 1956. The Consecration Officer was R. E. Wooff, D.G.M. The first Master of Fraternity Lodge No. 7477 was J. L. Bomford, installed by Lionel Brett, D.D.G.M. The first Senior Warden of the Lodge was Dr. O. B. Alakija and the first Junior Warden was G. M. G. Andrews. Chief B. A. F. Oluwole, P.D.G.W. acted as I.P.M. during the first year. The Lodge met at the Masonic Temple, Ebute Metta.

Time and circumstances have brought changes, and it has not been possible to maintain over the years the significance of the chain equal membership of Africans and Europeans. The Lodge now meets at St. George’s Temple, Broad Street, Lagos.

Lodge Venue and Meeting Days

Meeting Days:

Last Friday of February, April,
August (election of New Master)
Installation in October.
Lagos. Time: 12 noon


Meets at Ebute-Metta Masonic Hall,
22 Odaliki Street Ebute-Metta Lagos.


Mail: P.O. Box 227, Marina, Lagos.