The Installation of The Hon. Mr. Justice Lionel Brett, M.A., P.A.G.Reg., as District Grand Master took place at St. George’s Hall, Lagos on 23rd January, 1960.

He was installed by the Assistant Grand Master Major- General Sir Allan Adair, Bt., C.B., C.V.O., D.S.O., D.L. The Assistant Grand Master was assisted by Commander R. H. Barrett, R.N., P.G.D. Both of these Grand Lodge Officers had travelled to Nigeria especially for the Installation.

There were 253 masons present on this special occasion. Before the proceedings closed, the District Grand Master expressed his personal thanks and those of the District to the Assistant Grand Master and to Cmdr. R. H. Barrett R.N., P.G.D., for coming all the way from London to carry out the Installation Ceremony.

He remarked that he felt that Nigeria had left a favourable impression upon the Assistant Grand Master in view of what must be considered his early return to our shores, having last been to the District in 1954 to install Woof.

The Hon. Mr. Justice Lionel Brett Kt. M.A. 1959-1967