Rt. W. Bro. Joseph Walrond McEwen was born on Tuesday, 9th May 1916. He attended CMS Grammar School, Lagos, 1926, Government College, Ibadan and later Freetown Grammar School, Sierra-Leone. He later finished at Government College, Ibadan, in 1935.

Rt. W. Bro. Joseph Walrond McEwen reigned as Master in Travellers Lodge No. 2668 E. C. in 1970. Two years later he was appointed DAGDC.

His performance as a Director of Ceremonies was so superlative that he was, in 1973, appointed the DGDC, after serving one year as DDGDC.

Again, due to his commitment and dedication to Masonry, Rt. W. Bro. McEwen was made PDSGW in1975 and DDGM the following year. In 1978, Rt. W. Bro. Joseph Walrond McEwen, was made the District Grand Master of Nigeria.

In his earlier years, Rt. W. Bro. Joseph Walrond McEwen worked with the Marine Department (which later became the Nigeria Ports Authority, the Navy and Government Coastal Agency) as a Dockyard Engineer and was later promoted Dock Master, the first indigenous qualified officer to hold his position.

He rose to become the Senior Assistant Engineer and eventually was promoted Deputy Dockyard Manager.

An ebullient character, a zealous lover of the Craft, a meticulous recorder and a mentally alert Mason, Rt. W. Bro. Joseph Walrond McEwen will be remembered for his strict adherence to Masonic principles and his numerous contributions to Freemasonry in Nigeria.

Joseph Waldron McEwen 1978-1991