Following the death of Willoughby-Osborne, and because of the conditions created by World War I, it was some time before a successor was appointed.

The second District Grand Master was R. W. Bro. J. A. Pickels who was installed at a Special Meeting of the District Grand Lodge held on Saturday, 31st March, 1917 at St, George’s Hall, Broad Street, Lagos.

He was installed by W. Bro. Hon. Kitoyi Ajasa D.J.G.W.J. A. Pickels was, at the time of his appointment asDistrict Grand Master, a medical officer in the Colonial Service and stationed in Kaduna. He made a special journey to Lagos in order to attend the Meeting held for the purpose of his Installation; but thereafter, the Communications of the District Grand Lodge held in Lagos were presided over by his Deputy.

Towards the end of the year 1919 Pickels was rather unexpectedly transferred from Kaduna to Accra and he continued, fora few months, to direct the District from the (then) Gold Coast. When during 1920 it became obvious to him that he would not be returning to Nigeria, he decided to tender his resignation to the M.W. Grand Master.

Following his eventual retirement from the Colonial Service, he lived in the United Kingdom where he died in May 1960

J A Pickles M B E Sc 1917 - 1920